Comedy Tuesday… Shoutouts to JMike!

What Do You Call a Cheap Circumcision?

A Rip Off.

A Blind Man Walks Into a Bar. & a Table. & a Chair.

So This Guy With a Premature Ejaculation Problem Comes Out of Nowhere…

What’s Green and Eats Nuts?


Why Are New Yorkers So Depressed?

Because The Light At The End of The Tunnel is Just NJ!

What’s E.T. Short For?

He’s Got Little Legs.

What Do You Call a Black Guy Flying a Plane?
“I Don’t Know, What?”
A Pilot You Racist!

Job Interview:
“What’s Your Greatest Weakness?”
“I Don’t Think Honesty is a Weakness.”
“I Don’t Give a Fuck What You Think.”

What’s The Difference Between a Jew & a Canoe?

A Canoe Tips. (You Just Had To Go There! LOL! It’s Hilarious, Though)

What Do You Call a Mexican Without a Car?

Carlos. (& There! LMAO!)

I’ll Post The Second Part Later. “I Got a Pain in My Chest & I Can’t Breathe” Hahahahaha! CMC!